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April 28, 2019

Sharing a Precious Peace

Take a moment to consider what is most precious to you. Most of us will be reminded of the people close to us. We may even think of our most treasured possessions, which bring to mind moments in our lives we can never forget. These are not merely our favorite things; the things we cherish say a lot about what has helped us become who we really are.

Easter is a season filled with gifts that show us the many ways people can encounter the risen Christ. As we gather in worship today, Jesus stands among us, reminding us that we are precious in his sight. He has promised that the priceless gifts of the Holy Spirit will continue to appear. As we sing and pray, as we hear God’s saving word, as we baptize, and as we share the bread and cup, we are celebrating what God has done to remind us who we really are.

These holy gifts come alive as well through the peace that Jesus offers us as he stands in our midst and as we share that peace with one another. Peace be with you! Receive this sign of God’s amazing grace. This peace is meant to comfort, heal, encourage, and protect us as we engage in ministries that make known the power of the holy gospel. Although we can never fully understand everything that this kind of peace makes possible, we continue to turn to one another and speak these words: “Peace be with you!”

We can trust in the gifts we receive because Jesus lives. We are called to share this peace in all the ways God makes possible for us. Living in this precious peace, we discover who we really are.

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