Executive Committee and Church Council

Executive Committee

Andy Dicshen, President

 Cari Symonds

Andy Dichsen, President

Cari Symonds,  Vice President


 Susan Carlson, Treasurer

Dick Schmidt, Executive Secretary

Susan Carlson,  Treasurer

 Appointed Positions



Jan Mikkelson,  Financial Secretary

Onnie Wargo, Membership Secretary

Congregational Council

Bill Brunner, Faith Support and Enrichment Chair
Barbie Hollis, Faith Support & Enrichment Assistant
Karl Buch- Fellowship


Tim Peterson, Fellowship Assistant

Karl Buch,  Fellowship Chair

Tim Peterson,  Fellowship Assistant

 Kie Zelms, Outward Ministry Assistant


Kie Zelms,  Outward Ministry Chair

Maureen Sauer,  Outward Ministry Assistant

 Steve Frederickson, P&D Assistant


Steve Frederickson,  Planning & Development Chair

Bill Souser,  Planning & Development Assistant


 Jim Campell - Stewardship

Mark Sauer,  Property Chair

Jim Campbell,  Property Assistant

 Ken Beeman- Property

Steve Tippit,  Stewardship Chair

Ken Beeman,  Stewardship Assistant



Ingrid Heinrich, Worship & Music Co-Chair

Gretchen Best,  Worship & Music Co-Chair



Peter Dahlstrom,  Worship &Music Assistant

 Eunice Peterson, Youth Faith Formation Chair

 Traci Joyce, Youth Faith Formation Chair

 Kristin Runyan, Youth Faith Formation Assistant


Traci Joyce,  Youth Faith Formation Assistant

Kristin Runyan,  Youth Faith Formation Assistant

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